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Rules of visit

RULES OF VISITING State Enterprise “QAZAQCONCERT  state concert organization” of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1. General Provisions
- The present rules regulate the procedure for using services (visits) by the “Qazaqconcert” state concert organization (hereinafter referred to as the institution) by the recipients of services (hereinafter referred to as visitors);
- Establishment - carries out its activities in order to form and satisfy the spiritual needs of visitors through the provision of the following services: organization of theater performances, concerts of professional groups, festivals, competitions, exhibitions, and other events of artistic and creative nature, taking into account the needs of the population in stage art.

2. Rights and obligations of visitors
Visitors are required to:
- get acquainted with the Rules of visiting the institution;
- in accordance with the established procedure, purchase a ticket or other document giving the right to enter the concert hall, for themselves and for a child aged 6 years, and keep it until the end of the event;
- arrive at least 40 minutes before the start of the event (the doors to the concert hall close 10 minutes before the start of the event);
-Before the start of the event, hand in outerwear and hats;
-present a ticket or other document for control, giving the right to visit the concert hall;
- to occupy a place in the concert hall according to the ticket, in case of disputable situations contact the manager-administrator;
- observe the rules of conduct in public places, sanitary, fire prevention rules, carefully treats the property of the institution, when it detects breakdowns and equipment malfunction, inform the representative of the security service of the institution or the manager-administrator;
- to fully compensate the damage caused to the property of the institution;
- in case of violation of public order, detection of fire, smoke, left unattended items, the need for medical assistance, inform the representative of the security service of the institution or the manager-administrator about this;
- in the event of an emergency without creating a panic, to leave the danger zone in an organized manner, following the instructions of the administrative manager, if necessary, leave the building of the institution in order of evacuation;
Visitors have the right to:
-visit events in the manner prescribed by these Rules;
- free choice of artistic and creative events in accordance with their needs and interests, as well as access to the institution in the manner established by these Rules;
- obtain the necessary and reliable information about the list of services provided by the institution, their topics and forms, transfer, age restrictions, changes in the repertoire, as well as the mode of operation of the institution and significant changes in its activities;
-to receive services in the field of theatrical, artistic, choreographic and other types of art and the maintenance of proper quality;
- use, if necessary, a first-aid kit first aid, located at the guard post and in the medical office;
3. Forbidden
- to be indoors in top, sports or dirty clothes, under the influence of alcohol, under the influence of narcotic or other toxic substances;
- leave children unattended !!!;
- use cell phones during the event !!!;
- move around the hall during the event !!!;
- bring weapons (fire, cold, gas), special means (gas cartridges, stun devices, spark gaps, etc.);
- flammable, explosive substances and materials, as well as large bags, bags and things;
-to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages except in specially designated places;
-to carry out trade without prior agreement with the administration of the institution;
-activate without the need for a fire alert button, open the lighting panels;
- bring food and drinks to the venues;
-to take photos and video without prior approval from the administration of the institution;
- to leave the concert hall without waiting for the artists to leave the stage;
- to try to get into the office premises, as well as into the concert hall in the absence of a ticket;
- be late for events; in case of late entry to the concert hall is not allowed, the cost of the ticket is not refundable !!!
In the event of a violation of these Rules, the administration of the State Enterprise “QAZAQCONCERT” has the right to withdraw the violator from the territory of the institution without refund of money paid when buying a ticket.
4. The procedure for consideration of complaints and claims
Appeals and claims of spectators can come in the form of oral and written appeals to the institution's administration, according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the procedure for considering appeals of individuals and legal entities”, the period of consideration is within fifteen days from the date of their proper execution in the manner prescribed by law. Information on making a decision on a specific application of the recipient of services is sent to his postal address.

The ticket must contain the following information:
1) the name and type of service;
2) the time of the service (time of the event);
3) the venue of the event, as well as the place of the audience in the auditorium;
4) the price of the service.

Rules for using the wardrobe of State Enterprise “QAZAQCONCERT  state concert organization” of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan
These rules govern the relations associated with the acceptance of things for storage in the wardrobe, ensuring their safety and return to the owner:
1. The wardrobe starts 1.5 hours before the official start time of the event.
2. Acceptance of things for storage is certified by issuing a numbered token to outerwear, including shoes and hats.
3. The issuance of clothing is carried out in an amount of not more than two things in one hand except for children's clothing.
4. Children under 10 years old are served only when accompanied by adults.
5. A wardrobe worker accepts outer clothing, hats, shoes and is responsible for loss, shortage, or damage to accepted items.
6. Shoes and hats are accepted in packages.
7. Money, valuables, keys, cell phones and handbags, as well as foodstuffs are not accepted for storage.
8. In the case of loss of a license token by a person who has deposited things, the return of things can be made only after the closure of the wardrobe, in the presence of an identity document, in the presence of an employee of the institution's Security Service. The return of things must be executed by the appropriate act, and the person claiming to receive the things must prove that the things belong to him (testimony, checks, etc.).
9. The visitor is obliged to refund the full cost of the lost number counters - 3200 tenge.
10. In case of danger of loss, damage to things, the wardrobe worker has the right to change the way, place of storage and other conditions, without waiting for the consent of the person who has handed over things.
11. The wardrobe worker is not obliged to check the rights of the license plate bearer to receive things.
12. Things that have been forgotten in the wardrobe and not claimed by the audience after the end of the event are subject to inspection by the security officer of the institution.

It is prohibited:
1. To hand over gas cartridges, flammable and explosive substances and materials, chemical and medicinal preparations, as well as bulky items and heavy bags to the closet.
2. Transfer numbered tokens to third parties.
3. To deposit things if they have an untidy appearance (soiled with dirt, fuel oil, paint, etc.).
4. To enter unauthorized persons in the wardrobe.

In case of violation of the above rules, for the safety of things left unattended, the administration of State Enterprise “QAZAQCONCERT  state concert organization” of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan is not responsible.