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Presentation of medals

The presentation of the commemorative medals "Veteran of the Afghan War", "10 years of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan" Honored workers of Kazakhstan Batyrkhan Shukenov and Baygali Serkebaev, as well as musician Nadzhib Vildanov was held.

The presentation was attended by the director of the «Qazaqconcert» state concert organization Z. Seydullauly and the director of the "Central State Archive" of the Republic of Kazakhstan Arnur Karymsakov.

The above-mentioned cultural figures, who in different years worked fruitfully at the «Qazaqconcert» SCO and the «A-Studio» music group, contributed to the establishment of a peaceful space among friendly countries. The medals were awarded in 1999, and were kept for 20 years in the “Central State Archive”. These awards will be stored at the «Qazaqconcert» state concert organization and will be presented to B.Serkebaev, N.Vildanov and B.Shukenov’s mother in a concert dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Afghan war.