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"Qazaqconcert" State Concert Organization has a unique concert hall for its architectural and acoustic characteristics, designed for 3,500 seats. The big hall of "Qazaqconcert" is divided into 4 sectors: 
• ground floor (488 places); 
• mezzanine (543 places);
• balcony (1804 places);
• gallery (396 places).
It is endowed with all the functions, including the possibility of changing his position and acoustics, depending on the event held in it. An unheard-of acoustical effect was achieved here thanks to the atrium, which is made in the form of a musical instrument and can "tune" to any show, whether it is a symphony concert, an opera or a film show. Outside and inside, the atrium is finished with a special tree, allowing acoustics to perform its functions without any restrictions. Even the floor of the concert hall is made of special parquet of high wear resistance and laid in a special way with an acoustic bias.
A special place in the hall is occupied by a stage (area 274 sq.m.), which is divided into 2 parts. The front part is reserved for the orchestra and has separate outputs for the orchestra. The back of the stage is reserved for the choir, has 7 choral tiers. At full rise, the height of the tier reaches 1 m. 75 cm. The orchestra pit has a depth of 4.5 m. All this is controlled by a remote control on each person.
It also should be noted that the atrium has a very advantageous feature, visually becoming smaller. This is due to separate hanging curtains, which, when attached to the ceiling trusses, cut off the upper level of the hall - the gallery, as well as several sectors of the third level - the balcony. Thus, the hall is designed for 3,500 seats, easily converted into a hall for 2,000.

There is a sound cluster of the American company Renkus-Heinz above the stage in the very center of the scene.
The pride of the acoustic system is 22 petals-distributor, made by special Italian technology, which task is to bring the acoustic sound of the concert to the perfection, taking different angles of slope.
If to pay attention on the walls, you can also see wall blinds with a special acoustic effect of attraction and repulsion of sound. Management of curtains is carried out through a separate computer with the program intended for this purpose.

Special acoustic inserts to improve the adoption of sound, are also located in the lower part of the seats in the concert hall.
The presence of a wide movie screen with a size of 14x8 meters implies carrying out various films and video presentations, with the ability to play video in any format, including in the most advanced - Blue Ray.
Nowadays there is no such unique project in any of the CIS countries and it certainly is one of the most significant architectural structures and cultural centers of the Republic of Kazakhstan.